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Packaging Machinery

Company:Target Engineers Co.

We Target Engineers Co. an established name in providing packaging solutions since the year 1987 is always targeting the profitability of end users by providing high tech world class manufacturing of packaging and food processing machineries.

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Eastablished In :1982
Country: Taiwan

Company: KEED Automatic Package Machinery Co. Ltd.

Products:Horizontal Flow Wrap Packaging Machines, Shrink Flow Wrap Machines

Industries Covered: Bakery, Confectioneries, Biscuits, Foods, Shrink of Bottles.

USP: Fully Automatic Infeed Lines for Shrink, Packaging & Flow wrap Machines.

Website: www.keed.com

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Eastablished In :1967
Country: Japan

Company: Topack Co. Ltd.

Products:Horizontal High Speed Sachet Packaging Machines

Industries Covered:Noodles, Pan Masala, Tobacco, Sugar, Tea Seasoning, Pharmaceutical.

USP: Speed of 600ppm & 800ppm Single Track Machines.


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