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High-Speed Three-Side-Seal Pouch Packaging Machine

This three-side-seal pouch forming, filling and packaging machine measures the volume of product such as powder, granular and solid materials, and then produces pouches from printed film on a roll, using a heat sealing system, fills the pouches, seals them, and cuts them - all in a continuous operation.
The rotary system, which performs the pouch forming, filling and sealing operations in a horizontal direction, can provide a long filling time, and ensures clean sealing results. It also allows a long sealing time, to minimize pinhole generation. Equipped with servo motor system Touch panel for central control

Sealing style Three-side seal (Four-side-seal is optionally available.)
Print registration control unit Standard equipment
Filling capacity 0.5 to 50 cc (varies depending on filling product)
Packaging speed 200 to 600 pouches/minute (varies depending on pouch size and filling product)
Pouch size Width 30 to 110 mm (specified) Length (pitch) can be specified between 40 and 125 mm
Machine dimensions Min. 2,200(W) * 710(D) * 1,950(H) mm